Lesson #313

Don’t make an entrance, make a debut.

Friday, March 1, 2013 was the digital launch of our little home here at Lessons From Happy Hour and in conjunction with our debut, we held an accompanying launch party/happy hour at Tabaq Bistro on the historic U St. in Washington, DC. Guests enjoyed three signature cocktails of the night, “Lessons One”, “Lessons Two”, and “Lesson Three”. While the incredible DJ Huck Fin┬áspun an impressive set, networking, photographs, and dancing ensued. An art exhibit was on display in the entire room including the art of Amanda Edwards. Aside from learning more about the blog with interactive computers and displays, guests were able to become a part of the blog by writing their own lessons from happy hour. Check out some of the photos of the event.




Special thanks to all who attended and supported and a bigger thank you to all our wonderful workers of the event! Another thank you to Christopher Javier for the photography of the night. We are so appreciative of everyone’s time and support. Here’s until our next event!

-The Students of Happy Hour


One thought on “Lessons From Happy Hour: The Launch Event


  1. Alyssa 10 years ago

    This is awesome! Wish I had known about the launch party :( but congrats nonetheless :)