Spring is here! With warm weather comes motivation for physical fitness. Here’s this month’s fitness challenge.

1- Wake up 15 minutes earlier than you would usually and go on a 15-minute run. The warm weather will make this part of the challenge easy. Do this twice a week, but if you’re really motivated do it 4-5 times.

2-Before every shower do 10 body weight squats. This will roughly take 1-2 minutes to do.

3-Continue to do 50-100 abs daily. You’ll have a great pool or beach stomach in no time!

4-While doing abs, do 3 sets of mountain climbers for 30seconds. This strengthens arm muscles and abdomin muscles simultaneously.

3&4 will roughly take only about 10-15minutes to complete.

5-Buy a 1 liter bottle of water in the morning and consume entire bottle by noon.

6- Red meats such as pork, hamburgers, steak etc. are tough for the body to breakdown, which send the heart into overtime. Sometimes this can aid in constant fatigue and future heart conditions. Cut your intake of these meats in half throughout the week.

In need of a tougher workout? Contact Aaron via email or twitter( @aaronduh ). 


Good Luck!