Beyoncé wants us to know something is coming, the question–just what is it? Today the superstar released a teaser video to encourage fans and everyone else to #BeyHereNow tomorrow morning at 9am EDT.

The incredible short teaser has a lot of us wondering just what Bey will release tomorrow. Now, although unconventional, here are four reasons Queen Bey should just release her highly anticipated album (rumored to be titled The Mrs. Carter).

1. It hasn’t been done before

An album dropping without a release date for an artist of Beyoncé’s caliber is unheard of. If she was bold enough to release her next effort in its entirety, it would surely sell solely because of all the mystery surrounding the project. Will the album sound like her A$AP Bey, controversial buzz track “Bow Down/I Been On”, is that leaked track list the actual album, what is she doing with this era? Stop the mystery Bey, give us the album.

Picture 122. 4 is a lucky number for her.

Tomorrow is 4.4.13 and as most of us are aware of, 4 is a pretty significant number for Bey and tomorrow is her anniversary to her husband Jay-Z. So would it be completely irrational to just release an entire album on one of your favorite days? Not really, she should do it.

3. The Mrs. Carter Show Tour kicks off soon.

Bey is a performer, arguably the best performer of our generation. Her upcoming tour sold out in record times and forced the “Single Ladies” singer to add multiple dates worldwide to ensure fans get to experience her live showings. It had been rumored before her Super Bowl performance that her new album would be released before her tour started. It starts April 15, Bey…you have 12 days.

4. Because we want it, damn it!

Face it, if you are a fan or not, most want to hear what Beyoncé offers. It allows some to appreciate her and others to tear her down. Either way, we all want it Bey and our patience is wearing thin!

What do you think Bey is giving us tomorrow?



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