It’s Throwback Thursday here at Lessons From Happy Hour and we’ve compiled a few throwbacks to set you on a wonderful path of nostalgia.

Up first in the spirit of this weekend’s famed Penn Relays event, The Cosby Show had Cliff Huxtible running in the actual Penn Relays. Teaming up with his old college rival, Tailwind Turner, Cliff had the opportunity to prove his skills in a 4×4 relay. Just as Cliff is making victorius strides, he is surprised as he is suddenly competing against an Olympic runner in this memorable episode! If you have time, check the full episode out (the actual race stats at about 18 minutes in)!

Next we have a rare, sultry performance from Janet Jackson. Her 1994 hit “Anytime, Anyplace” is a classic, surely heard any many late night lounges and bedrooms. In this stripped down throwback performance on Comedy Central, we see Ms. Jackson serenading with her popular tune. Of course, the track’s timeless quality is reason why it was recently sampled in Kendrick Lamar’s “Poetic Justice”. Enjoy.

Remember L.A. Gears? You know the shoes you HAD to own that lit up? 1992 saw the launch of L.A. Gears line called LA Lights and the trend of having your shoes light up with every humble step you made. Originally priced at $50 (amazing how that use to be expensive), the popular shoes guaranteed that you were a cool kid in elementary/middle school and that your shoe games was on point! Take a look at one of the commercials for the memorable shoes.

Last is a bit of history. Today is the birthday of the “First Lady of Song”, the “Queen of Jazz”, the legendary Ella Fitzgerald. The 13 time Grammy Award winning singer is considered the greatest Scat singer to ever lived and has been honored today through a Google doodle in celebration of what would be her 96th birthday.

Take a look at one of her iconic performances where she showcases her scatting skills.

Hope you enjoyed Throwback Thursday! Until next time…

-The Students of Happy Hour