“The new generation of young professionals not only finds happiness at work important–they demand it,” – Heidi Golledge, CareerBliss CEO

It seems it wasn’t too long ago when we were searching for universities to best fit our educational and social needs, but now it’s time to search for happiness as young professionals. As young professionals in 2013, we tend to keep our resumes active on the job circuit and are two to three times more likely than our parents to jump jobs or careers in pursuit of happiness. We will even relocate to escape unhappy work environments. Forbes magazine has published a list of the top 10 happiest cities amongst young professionals. Online career center, CareerBliss.com, analyzed more than 45,000 employee generated reviews. These employees have had less than 10 years of experience. Multiple Californian cities made this list due to the abundance of excellent universities and major high tech companies. One city on this list was very surprising. (Hint: I attended college in this city). Surprisingly, New York City did not make this list. See the 10 cities below.


10. Boston, Massachusetts


9. Phoenix, Arizona


8. Houston, Texas

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7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


6. Riverside, California

san diego

5. San Diego, California


4. Chicago, Illinois


3. Washington, DC

san fran

2. San Fransisco, California

san jose

1. San Jose, California

Where will you relocate?