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A beautiful, crisp fall day–the first for October–I walk back to my car after a visit to my trusted barber. Each stride of the walk back was filled with confidence. I looked great, felt great and was about to embark on a move with my best friend to New York City to explore whatever opportunities were awaiting me in the Empire City. Nothing could stop me, I knew this was the right move until–the millions of shards of broken glass from my car window stopped me in my tracks. Wait, is this an omen? Should I be making this abrupt move to a new city?

Let’s rewind a bit.

Hi, I’m CJ–the artistic, free spirited dweller in all aspects of art and media. I’m the wide-eyed Southern boy who once ventured off to Washington, D.C. for my education at Howard University and six years later have abruptly decided to pack up shop and head to NYC to explore my dreams of production and writing. This is THE MOVE: AN ENDLESS RHYTHM and here is my story…

 Week One: The Big Move.

imageWho the hell is this fearless individual I’m convincing myself I am all of a sudden? Armed with a few hundred dollars, support from my friends, prayers and a little determination I decided that my tenure in Washington, D.C. must come to an end and that I would try my hand at making it in New York.¬† But after returning to a vandalized vehicle the day of my move, I was having some reservations. Whatever, this car is packed, I’m making this move is what I told myself. So after a $200 visit from the auto glass repair mechanic, I took the road.

Seven days later, after countless resume submissions, a lingering transfer from my job in DC, a few quick emotional breakdowns, and tons of texting to my closest friends, my impatience had caught up with me. What was I expecting? What did I want from this move? Then it hit me.

A few months ago in August, I was blessed to be apart of an upcoming production that opened a new side of New York to me. As I mentioned before, I’m the Southern boy (Louisiana to be exact) who for most of my life could not stand New York City. The fast pace bothered me, the aloof attitudes confused me, and the constant need to make it to the next place unnerved me. But it was my last visit where I saw all the potential the city offered me, the potential I offered myself by moving. The vibe of New York came to life, that subtle rhythm its streets hold began to flow with my own. The connection I made with recent transplants chasing their dreams inspired me to believe, well know, that I could do the same. So, here I am.


Just as I was about to go into another small breakdown, an opportunity presented itself. I couldn’t help but think of the fading mural I pass frequently near the building I stay. Beautiful in its own odd way, the bottom of the mural simply states:

Change requires courage.

So here goes. New York, here is my courage to achieve all that I want.

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