Letting go

Letting go 1Throughout life we are constantly evolving and with this new found sense of growth and change, we often find that people who were once integral components of our lives no longer hold the same level of importance. In fact, there are times that their presence becomes altogether nonexistent. It can be difficult to simply walk away from certain relationships, friendships and even acquaintanceships that we have formed over time but at some point we begin to realize that it is all for the better as we begin to cultivate and expand our horizons in new ways.If you view every component of your life metaphorically as corporation it all becomes quite simple. Each aspect (Career, Relationships,  leisure,etc.) can be viewed as a branch or department and when certain departments are causing you to lose profit, it’s time to make a budget cut. This is something that I’ve recently come to learn and accept.

Typically, I’ve always been the type of person to foster relationships which I have formed. When certain issues would arise in the past, I was more than willing to fight to maintain all that had been built because it always seemed to be  something of  importance to me. However, I have come to the realization  that I no longer have the same desire to struggle to maintain relationships when there seems to be no mutual effort. There has to be some form of balance or reciprocity for any type of relationship to be successful. This isn’t to say that every relationship that I have decided to walk away from is merely the result of lack of attempt to maintain them on the part of the other person. Sometimes, people simply outgrow each other. This can be a healthy part of maturation as long as the departure is amicable.

At this point in my life, I am in such a positive place with all of the people who are a consistent part of my life. Each of my friends and family inspire and challenge me to be better than I was before. We  bring something to each other’s lives that is mutually beneficial and have the capacity to learn and grow together. We hold each other accountable for our faults while accepting each other for our flaws. I strive for more based upon the examples provided by the people whom I continued surround myself with. I harbor no ill-feelings or malice in my heart for those who are no longer a part of my life but rather wish them nothing but the best. I cherish our memories and will never forget the moments that we shared. Each person who enters your life may not necessarily have a permanent presence but they will surely have an impact in some way. You will be able to fully appreciate every experience that you encounter with revolving relationships  once you truly learn to begin to master the art of letting go.



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One thought on “The Art of Letting Go


  1. michelle difeliciantonio 7 years ago

    I do believe people come and go in our lives and bring special gifts and sights to us. Once their mission is complete, they may no longer have a purpose in our lives and so they move on to help someone else. Use those lessons and life-learning experiences and make the best of the message they share with you.