While strolling through YouTube on a calm Friday at work, I ran into a few club remixed Hip-Hop 90’s classics sung by a few unlikely culprits. I was pleasantly surprised at these remixes and thought I’d share the wealth. Here are a few videos I came across:

No Angels – Bastille ft. Elle

The song remixes TLC‘s hit ‘No scrubs’ and The XX‘s hit ‘Angels’. Bastille is a popular UK band, which is responsible for the hit song ‘Pompei’


No Diggity vs. Thrift Shop – Ed Sheeran ft. Passenger

The song remixes Blackstreet‘s hit “No Diggity” and Maclelmore’s ‘Thrift Shop’. Ed Sheeran is responsible for a plethora of hits such as ‘Sing’, ‘Give Me Love’, and ‘Kiss Me’. Passenger is known for their hit ‘Let her go’.

Happy Friday!