According to the ever so reliable Urban Dictionary:

bae (n): a Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc.

Bae is here to stay! We’ve all succumbed to using the term bae in 2014 and already in 2015 bae doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon. So what exactly is the definition of bae? I have several definitions of bae. To me bae could be a potential, a good one night stand, Rihanna, the bartender, or some “IG model” with 500 likes. I do wonder though if when I ever get serious with someone will I still use the term bae for them? I’ve asked a few people what their definition of bae is:

Before Anyone Else. Someone who I’m not exclusive with, but their wants, needs, desires, or status comes before the rest of my h***.

– Missy

Bae? Bae to me is a title given before the title of boyfriend. Bae has potential to be more. The person you’re seeing exclusively hoping that this is the one. BAE!

– Jackson

A potential partner. He/She can exist anywhere on the spectrum from “That stranger over there is fine! Das bae.” to “He texts me ‘good morning’ ecery day. That’s bae.” Except as shorthand for “baby,” a significant other should not be referred to as bae.

– Shawn

Bacon and Eggs … It’s a funny way to creepily acknowledge a crush to your friends or social media, but not a legitimate pet name once you are really involved with someone. 

– CJ

In other bae news, here are a few images of Lance Gross’ Fifty Shades of Bae photo project featuring various celebrities:



What is your definition of bae?



One thought on “What exactly does “bae” mean?


  1. Kofi 3 years ago

    Good piece. LOL at using Rihanna as a reference to a potential bae. She will never EVER be your bae, so please simmer down and let it go. I hardly think that bae can be used to refer to a one night stand. A one night stand is pretty much all about sex (doesn’t always have to be, could end up with going to breakfast the following morning, etc) but how can someone you’ve only shagged(and just once at that) be considered bae? It takes away from the meaning (meaning appropriated to it by society), which in essence is a rendition of “babe” or “baby”. Its’ a thin flirtatious term used to define someone who you could see yourself with, or would really want to get with but is totally unattainable( e,g Rihanna or some hot guy on the gram with thousands of likes)

    Those images by Lance Gross are hot. Had no idea about them. Nicely shot!