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Since I was a child, I have always loved the flavor of green tea, be it hot or cold. I didn’t make an effort to drink green tea everyday, but I enjoyed it whenever I did. While at work last August, I came across an article about teas and the section about green tea enlightened me. There are many  intriguing health benefits that come from drinking such a delectable drink daily. It isn’t instantly beneficial, much like any other health-beneficial commodity, but inserting it into your daily routine can only help. Since then, I have started my day with a cup of green tea, hot or cold. I drink my green tea with just a little bit of sweetener, but when making your cup try not to add too much sugar or honey for obvious reasons. Here’s a brief history and list of benefits:

pickingGreen tea originates in China and was first brewed during the reign of Emperor Chen Nung in 2737 B.C. It has been used as a beverage and medicine throughout all of Asia for years. Green tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis and undergoes very minimal oxidation during the processing stage. Green tea has been an Eastern tradition for years, but was also adopted by the West centuries later. The West were mostly known for their black tea, but green tea is proven more beneficial because it goes through less of a fermentation process which allows green tea to maintain its most beneficial minerals.


Aids in raising your metabolism and increases your fat oxidation(burning of fat).

Reduces chances of heart disease.

Reduces cholesterol level.

Treats impaired immune systems.

Keeps teeth healthy and kills plaque causing bacteria.

Effectively delays symptoms of aging.

Aids in not succumbing to common viral & bacterial infections easily.

Increases stamina and boosts endurance.

Aids in proper digestion.

Increases hydration through the consumption of water.

Will you add green tea to your morning routine?



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    I need to start drinkin asap