Every so often, a new concept comes along and helps garner a new training of thought, a new habit of living. In an age where so many entrepreneurs are looking to create quick businesses only offering products, The BeachHouse::. looks to introduce a complete lifestyle– a movement. Started by Brandon Daniels, Jalisa Jones, and their colleagues; the new movement encompasses various aspects of entertainment and culture. Hosting several events in the DMV area, including mixers and socials, The BeachHouse::. is looking to expand its brand and movement, creating a network of artists, musicians, promoters and other upcoming talents.

photo(11)What is The BeachHouse::. and what inspired its creation?

The BeachHouse::. is a lifestyle movement based on entertainment and pop culture. We are involved in all aspects of pop culture from music to fashion to literature.

The creation of The BeachHouse::. derived from our members’ lifestyle. Each of our members are followers of pop culture and each of us have dreams that stretch beyond the corporate world.  We want to show our peers and the rest of the world that passion pushes our culture not the business suits that tell us how to mold our culture.

What does The BeachHouse::. look to accomplish?

TheBeachHouse::. seeks progression,  so we look to build relationships with those that share our passion.  We want to build a network for all of those self starters, music lovers and artist that work from their hearts and grow together. The BeachHouse::. also will have musical ventures of our own.

With so many companies starting, what is the importance of establishing a lifestyle movement with your brand?

photo(13)In today’s world, the power is with the people. The public wants to be able to connect with their media and we like connecting with people so it almost works out perfectly. TheBeachHouse::. is so special because everything you hear, see, and read about us are our lives. You are able to enjoy our events because they are personable, you are able to relive your life experiences through our music and you can see our controversies and triumphs through our photos and videos.

If you can divulge, what type of events do you guys have in the workings?

Right now The BeachHouse::. is focusing on our company’s introductory vlog series, Abnormally Normal, and our website release. We have some exclusive and exciting events on the way and some surprise media scheduled to be released from The BeachHouse::. so stayed tuned and follow The BeachHouse::. on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for information and previews.

photo(12)Why do you feel this movement will be successful?

We believe a movement is not characterized by the means of the movement but the movement’s effectiveness; that is where TheBeachHouse::. separates from the pack. The BeachHouse::. invests into ourselves, and we feel we invest more in ourselves than anyone else. Our product is life so if you enjoy life you love our product.

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