Okay, I’m addicted to Instagram and chances are that if you are reading this, you are not only addicted as well, but have the application open on your phone at this very moment. Just in case you live under a rock, Instagram is the social application that allows instant photo sharing in a Twitter like timeline. It allows you to share your photogenic moments with your friends and the world. Ever since the brand gained popularity there has been talks of creating an Instagram like camera, one that could act like the app and like a vintage Polaroid camera where you get an instant physical copy of your work. Now, with the Socialmatic Polaroid Camera, that concept has become reality. Expecting to release next year, the camera will be Android OS based, able to connect to Wifi, 3G, and Bluetooth and will also have an internal printer, GPS, and slew of other features. Expecting to release early 2014, don’t be surprise if you see a bunch of these around your respective cities.

tumblr_mn6d41QUT91qa4iv8o1_500Visit the Socialmatic website here for more infomation.

Will you be buying?



3 thoughts on “Dreams Come True: Instagram x Polaroid Have a Baby


  1. Big Ed 10 years ago

    This is cool…if they had dropped it when Instagram first got popular. With phones being able to take excellent pictures, its just seems like a non needed accessory.