Almost is Never Enough

nathan-sykes-ariana-grande-film-music-videoWe have fallen in love with Ariana Grande for her typically upbeat love songs that usually have an old school R&B vibe. Her vocal ability is certainly undeniable. However, with the release of “Almost Is Never Enough” (which features Nathan Sykes of  The Wanted) we get to see a more subdued side of the 20-year old Nickelodeon star. In this beautiful yet heartbreaking ballad, the two sing about the “what ifs” of a relationship that cannot be. Both singers deliver impressive vocals and manage to blend wonderfully. The song will be featured in the film “The Mortal Instruments” as well as her debut album Yours Truly (now available for pre-order on iTunes).

Watch the Video for the song below:

What do you think of the song?