Just as we shift toward the inevitable end of Cuffing Season, the ultimate stab to the heart for all the single somethings manifests for twenty-four painful hours. It’s the Olympics of misguided lust, inappropriate longing, and unrealistic relationship expectations–that ultimate declaration of “I care” that somehow became a holiday–Valentine’s Day. This painstaking day has often been referred to as Singles Awareness Day, the one day where even your friend with the worst possible What’s Love Got To Do With It-esque relationship has a glimmer of hope and romance while you sit alone wondering what went wrong. Before you lose all hope or hunt every available location on your Tinder app, here’s a quick survival guide to make it through the day.


Don’t Take Valentine’s Day Serious

Honestly. This might get you through it all the easiest. Often time, too much pressure is put on Valentine’s Day. Who will be the most romantic, the most clever? Who will disappoint and ultimately be left abandoned with their hand or favorite toy for the evening? Whose bank account will be wiped in a sad attempt to purchase a knock-off diamond bracelet before an impossible attempt at a romantic evening dining off a dinner-for-two menu at Red Lobster? Think of it like this, all those problems are none of your concern. So what, you won’t get the gifts, the dinner, the expensive roses or even the cheap carnations–but you also won’t return to the drama on Monday when Friday’s love and grandeur quickly vanish.

Don’t Be Bitter

One year, before I thought I had a Valentine, I sat for two hours plotting the ways I could sabotage various romantic evenings my friends had planned. Above all, don’t be that person. Enjoy the fact that for one day your friends can pretend they found love (oh wait, that sounded bitter).

As always, Avoid Drake

In the similar fashion to our Cuffing Season Survival Guide, Drake is pretty much a no go during this day. His emo coos won’t do you any justice during what should be the most romantic and emotional day of the year. In the same fashion, also going to throw Beyonce’s latest work in the mix too. Just go ahead and avoid her as well. Because while Beyonce has been dangerously, crazy and drunk in love, most of our love lives have played out like a K. Michelle, Keyshia Cole struggle track. Save yourself the longing, just turn on some heavy rock or highly effective twerk music. Yeah, twerk the pain of Valentine’s Day away.

jealous-girlfriend-possessive-cheating-dating-and-relationshipEither Make Your Own Rules or STAY IN!

Misery loves company. Not saying that you should be miserable on a day where everyone is paired off dwelling in love and you’re not, but face it, that sounds pretty miserable. Look around! You can’t be the only single person you know. Create your own friendship Valentine dates but be weary of which friends you choose to do this with. The friend you choose should be strong willed, emotionally stable–a maverick of sorts when it comes to needing to be loved.  Grab each other by the hand and boldly face all the couples that are out for the evening. Stay strong, remember you have a perfectly great date yourself and relish in the fact that you weren’t obliged to go out, you chose to!

Keep Your Comfort Food Stocked In The Fridge

You know, just in case.

Here’s to a great Singles Awareness Day!