Why I’m Qualified

I feel that I’m qualified to give dating advice because I’m a pretty avid dater.

Why I’m NOT Qualified

Well… because I’m a pretty avid dater and clearly still single… In the past few years, I’ve managed to land in some of the most interesting pseudo-relationships and although they didn’t pan out the way I had hoped for, I’m still extremely optimistic and can truly say that I’ve learned from each experience.



Why I’m Qualified

I’ve been in a few incredibly long term relationships, plus I’m a hopeless romantic.

Why I’m NOT Qualified

Those relationships have all failed and my idealist ways make it impossible for me to truly be able to commit again. My friends say I’m picky but for some odd reason I embrace my impossibly high standards. It’s fun to see others try to reach them.

Basically, we’re both damaged.

But the funny thing is, those who aren’t living by their own advice, give the best. So this is dating advice from two guys who probably shouldn’t be giving dating advice…at all.

Your relationship is over once The Sun starts going down after six.”

The wisest words one of our mutual friends has ever said. In true spring fashion, temperatures rise, hormones explode and the chains of cuffing season are abruptly released. The promise of skin and sun bring forth the little sluts we’ve all been suppressing during the grueling course of winter. So our introductory dating advice goes out to all those who have been single throughout the colder months or who will inevitably find themselves on our side of the relationship team as their significant other delivers the cliché “it’s just not working.”

Our advice? It’s time to do some spring cleaning.


Spring cleaning allows for a sort of reboot in your life. It’s the chance to paint that room the color you’ve always wanted and the season to approach things in a different manner or stick by those resolutions you made at the beginning of the year. It’s also the act of getting rid of everything you no longer need in your life, the physical and emotional clutter that’s impeding upon your growth.

Along with getting rid of all of your old belongings, it’s time to toss out those old, pointless, “situationships” that you’ve been aimlessly holding onto and begin making room for new and exciting potential connections. After all, it’s impossible to move on to your future if you’re still dragging along baggage from your past. If things haven’t worked with a particular person in the past, it may be an ominous sign of what’s to come. Repeating the same action over and over again while expecting a different result is the definition of insanity and nobody wants to date a psycho. Preserve your mental state and LET. IT. GO.

With spring comes your chance to truly explore new territory and with the proper spring cleaning, you’ll be sure to find yourself mingling your way up to an appropriate summer fling. Get out there! Enjoy the newness of it all and remember to stay open to all possibilities.

Need any relationship advice? Shoot over your questions/concerns to contact@lessonsfromhappyhour.com and have them answered on the blog anonymously!

-Two Guys