All the speculation has brought us to this moment. With less than one month left until the general election, Ward 4 Councilmember, Muriel Bowser, has received the DC mayoral endorsement from President Obama.

The President said in a statement today that he is confident in Bowser, as she has proven to be a “champion for working and middle class families”. He also stated that he believes in her ability to move the District forward while promoting economic growth and educational equality in all communities in the District.

One of her opponents in the race, Councilmember David Catania, has narrowed the race in recent weeks, and his campaign manager attributes the endorsement to this recent increase. Catania, a candidate who has been on the DC council since 1997, announced his candidacy in March of this year.

Bowser, who announced her candidacy over a year ago, has led a very active campaign. Traveling throughout the city with the hashtag #All8Wards, she has used her momentum to send a resounding message to constituents of her ability to bring communities together and create equal opportunities for all residents.

As we’ve continued to observe both campaigns closely, it has shaped up to be quite an interesting race. According to a recent poll by Economic Growth D.C. , Bowser is leading by an 8-point margin. This number is much smaller compared to the 43-26 percent poll conducted two months ago, but there have been questions raised about the margin of error in the recent poll as their sample may not have been accurately reflective of the city’s population.

With just weeks until the election, we’re all left with this newest endorsement. Do we know exactly what effect this Presidential endorsement could have? I’m not completely sure but I do think it may push a few people who were possibly on the fence.



What Do You Think About President Obama’s Endorsement?