Today, people from all over the country will be fulfilling their civic duty and exercising their right to vote in the general election. In addition to voting on key ballot issues such as the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes, abortion and gun control (which could potentially boost voter turnout) voters will elect public officials who they feel directly reflect their beliefs. While all elections are important during this  election cycle, there are key races that could dramatically alter the direction in which the country is moving through a turnover in majority representation based upon political party affiliation.

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Here are a few KEY Senate/Governor that will have a tremendous impact on the country. These races could ultimately result in a turnover in political power from the Democrats to the Republicans which could prove to be problematic for sitting Commander-In-Chief President Barack Obama who may run into continued problems as a result of a continued lack of bipartisanship. In addition, we have indicated which states are leaning Democrat or Republican (or too close to call) based upon the latest polls.

Toss-Up Governor Races





Rhode Island









Toss-Up Senate Races









North Carolina

New Hampshire

 Additionally, the nation’s capitol is in the middle of an atypical Mayoral race. Historically in mayoral races in the District of Columbia, the candidate who was able to clench the Democratic party nomination by winning the Democratic primary went on to win the general election. This was almost certainly guaranteed. However, following the Democratic Primary victory of lead Mayoral candidate Muriel Bowser, Republican-turned-Independent candidate David Catania embarked on an ambitious and widely supported run to become DC’s new mayor. While Bowser still leads her opponent in most polls, it is interesting to see the final numbers in the race that will likely highlight how divided the district is on who should represent the city in its quest to move forward in a progressive manner.

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As votes are cast today and the campaign season draws to a conclusion, we’re left to ponder these close elections and the impact that they will have on the political climate of 2016. With the potential of a Republican-controlled Congress – and considering the existing Democratic executive leadership – there may be no signs of bipartisanship in the near future. In spite of the challenging political landscape America is continuously facing, the objective of every American should be to go out and vote. Someone said recently that “not voting isn’t rebellion, it’s surrender.” Don’t surrender your right, as an American.

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-Jordan & Aliyah