The hashtag that shows it all. This week for four great days New York finally joined the world’s other major fashion capitals in having its own week and design showings dedicated to menswear. Usually during NYFW I find my way into a few shows and check out a few designer presentations but working in TV/Film production, I was stuck in the office during this go-round. Thank God for style recaps and Instagram. Here are my favorite moments from the week.

1. The Athletes


I’ve loved the latest shift of the merging worlds of fashion and professional sportsmen. The entire fashion week has been sprinkled with countless of athletes spanning the NBA, NFL, Formula One Racing and more. It’s great to see top athletes at various designer presentations during the week but even more impressive that many served as ambassadors for the week including Victor Cruz and Dewayne Wade pictured above.

2. Darren Criss’ Jacket

Fashion week ambassador Darren Criss wore this jacket to one of the earlier events in the week. It’s beautiful. NEED it.

 3. The Street Style….well some of it.

Usually of the most exciting parts of any fashion week is seeing the dozens of inspiring street style looks captured by various photographers and presentations. Altogether this week didn’t prove as exciting as other fashion weeks but the one’s that did catch my eye, amazed me. A few below and tons on Instagram with the #nyfwm tag.

 4. This.


Okay, I know it’s men’s fashion week, but Gabrielle Union killed this.

5. Certain Designer Presentations.

There were plenty of great runway shows and presentations this week showing an wide spectrum of American menswear but a few in particular captured my heart. My top SS16 collections being:

Public School NY — Thom Browne — John Elliott + Co


It’s great that Steven Kolb and the CFDA were able to pull off this week in fashion for American menswear. Here’s to next year and to my actual attendance.