Baby, say yeah.

Knowing me is knowing the fact that I am actually excited to get married one day. And because that excitement is largely based on the huge party my wedding will be oppose to actually being married (terrible, I know)–I’ve put a lot of thought into what that day will be like. There’s a running joke with my friends that I want “Down Ass Bitch” by Ja Rule played by a string quartet during my ceremony. What’s sad is that it’s not a joke at all. My unusual wedding requirement had me thinking of other songs I’d want played on my special day and has inspired me to create a new playlist. My Ratchet Wedding Playlist. (It’s not too ratchet, but I couldn’t pass up on that name)

Now, although there are some questionable tracks on it (two bounce songs, some 50 Cent), I crafted a list with some of my favorite and unconventional love songs. Don’t let the playlist alarm you, I’ll have the wedding classics played somewhere on my day, but I’m pretty sure me getting married will be a bizarre feat within itself–the music has to match. Take a listen to the playlist on Spotify here or below!

Now the real question is, how long will I have to wait until I can utilize this thing for real.