Rihanna’s last album, Unapologetic, was released on November 19, 2012. This article is being written on September 16th, 2015. 

1) Selling PG rated movies. 

Earlier this year, Rihanna released an animated kids movie titled ‘Home’. The movie debuted at #1 and has grossed over $300 million Worldwide for Dream Works. I’m here for Rihanna keeping PG at times to get her money, but I’m ready for her to put the R back in Rihanna. ‘BBHMM’ is awesome, but I need more than one ratch track to commence my nights. 

2) Selling perfume.

Rihanna will be releasing her 6th fragrance this month. The perfume is titled RiRi by Rihanna. The chic is definitely trying to get her money before we get new music.

3) Selling socks.

Still attempting to get her more money, Rihanna has partnered with Stance for a new line of … SOCKS. The collection includes 15 different styles to get your inner-punk on this Fall. At least we have new socks to hold us over until the alleged new album drops?










4) Selling shoes.

Riri is dead serious about getting her money. Recently appointed as PUMA’s Women’s Creative Director, Rihanna pre-released her new shoe recently. The shoe titled The Creeper, sold out in 3 hours. The global launch is slated for September 25th. Well luckily for the females, they can await the new album in style, though. 








5) ALLEGEDLY dating Travis Scott.

While working on this mystery album, it is said that Travis Scott is assisting on it’s production. Travis Scott is signed to GOOD Music. He has recently released his new album, which she promoted on her Instagram page. His album titled, Rodeo, was released early September, but where is Rihanna’s? Anyways, it appears that their relationship has exceeded the studio. He is 23. She is 27. 









While we are I am upset at Rihanna for torturing us me in this manner, we are I am happy to see that she is getting her money … and more!




One thought on “5 Things Rihanna Has Been Doing While We Anxiously Await A New Album


  1. Kofi 9 years ago

    But can she LIVEE? Sure it’s been almost three years since her last album ( I wouldn’t even have known, seems like I’m always hearing new songs by her, especially when around the company of people entrenched in her “Navy Fleet”. ), but as you’ve mentioned she is working on branding herself outside of the music industry. Good for her for doing a film that’s successful. 2012’s Battleship, was a bust, but Home was a home run. Also, fall/winter is coming so what better season than to gear up those knee high socks? She’s focusing on different avenues that will bring her even more financial success and worldwide recognition. Personally I prefer artists who just don’t focus on music. It’s like oh hey, you’re in this film, the face of this campaign, etc. You’re multi-talented and that makes you more interesting! Let the girl live. You’ll have your album soon enough mate.