We are all aware of Chicago’s infamous violence and it’s nickname “Chiraq”, a portmanteau of “Chicago” and “Iraq”. Spike Lee has directed a new film titled “Chiraq”, which satires the¬†gang violence in the South Side of Chicago. The satire is based off the ¬†Greek comedy Lysistrata written by Aristophanes. “Chiraq” features Samuel L. Jackson, Nick Cannon, John Cusack, Teyonah Parris, Wesley Snipes, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson and many more. The film hits theaters December 4th. Watch the trailer below:

Will you be seeing it?



2 thoughts on “Movie Trailer: Spike Lee’s ‘Chiraq’


  1. Kofi 9 years ago

    This looks really promising! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Spike Lee film in the cinemas, but I will make it a point to watch this one. He’s attempting to tackle a very serious problem or gang and gun violence in the unforgiving streets on Chicago, which isn’t news to anyone, but in a satirical way which I think will reach more audiences. I love the female movement, not sleeping with men, until they come up with a solution to the violence plaguing their communities. I can’t wait to see!

  2. Lo Profoul 9 years ago

    I went to see the much anticipated Spike Lee movie CHI-RAQ and I must state the following……

    Chi-Raq is definitely not a movie that was created based off the greek comedy Lysistrata, although Spike Lee used it as a foundation to build the humorous aspect behind the film. Chi=raq was motivated and brought to life by my book Scared Into Secrecy, which touched on almost every aspect mentioned in Chi-raq in almost an identical way. The only exception is Spike Lee swapped out the seriousness of my book for humor.

    CHI-RAQ is nothing more than a humorous, politically correct, poetic, metaphoric mockery of my boldly expressed book Scared Into Secrecy, which was written in language intended for a SPECIFIC AUDIENCE!!!! I found Chi-raq to be a movie that was fun to watch and a story that was CREATIVELY STOLEN! I am disappointed in Spike Lee not only for the theft of my concept, but for the manner in which it was poorly and humorously mocked. He took a serious message that was boldly expressed in my book and turned it into a ridicule, therefore showing his insincere concern for the continued struggle against violence that most Chicagoans deal with every day!

    The bottom line truth is – Chi-raq is a mockery of my book Scared Into Secrecy due to the way in which it was expressed. Not to mention the creative ways he used to cover up his theft of my concepts/book. He did what was necessary to cover all traces of theft by creating a false resource – by using Lysistrata. Yet if one reads my book Scared Into Secrecy you will find all aspects touched on in the film written in my book.

    Once again I will state, my book was BOLDLY WRITTEN & EXPRESSED to grasp the attention of the people, his movie was depicted humorously and metaphorically in a manner which was insulting to black women if they pay attention and read between the lines! Yet – don’t get me wrong, Spike Lee told the truth in Chi-raq, once again that was truth based upon my book Scared Into Secrecy – but his message will be misconstrued because of the tactic in which he used to present it. Many people will not be able to interpret the message. They will not understand it or grasp the concept of the movie due to the fact of it being displayed with so much humor and mockery.

    In order to relay any message of significance, one must be able to speak the language of the recipient – Spike Lee movie Chi-raq neglects to do that in simple everyday language. Sure, it will reach those with the mental capacity to decipher and interpret, but they are not the ones out here doing the murders or harboring killers as boyfriends and husbands! The intended audience / recipient of the message will be forever lost and confused even more by Chi-Raq. My book Scared Into Secrecy boldly expressed the message, regardless of how foul it was told. You have to speak the language of the recipient if you want them to understand. Spike Lee message in Chi-raq which is the same message I was expressing in my book Scared Into Secrecy will be taken for how it was depicted – A HUMOROUS MESSAGE, AN OUTRIGHT MOCKERY!