If there’s anything we’ve come to learn about songstress Jhené Aiko, it is that she certainly has no problem telling us how she REALLY feels. The debut of B’s & H’s is no different. The simplistic reverb tinged track which she has performed live on several ocassions (produced by The Fisticuffs) finds the singer calling out men who don’t realize the ways in which they take women for granted and flipping derogatory and offensive terms (B*tches and H*es) often used to describe women on them.


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One thought on “New Music: Jhené Aiko “B’s & H’s”


  1. Flexx Nash 5 years ago

    Ahe always deliver a great song or album. I love the eah she puts everything in perspective. She is definitely in my top 5 to listen to on my phone or whatever device im listening to music on