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It’s only May, and I’m pretty sure that we can all agree that Diddy wins the award for crop of the year. In case you missed the story of how Diddy went from being everyone’s favorite meme, as he was seen lounging on the stairs during the Met Gala, to then posting what some called the iconic crop, let me just drop both the original and the cropped photos below.

Diddy Crop Orig

diddy crop








       BEFORE                                                                                                                  AFTER

While many commented on the edited Instagram photo to show their appreciation for the media mogul’s tribute to #Blackexcellence, others took to Instagram to express their opposition to cropping the Jenners out of what they felt should’ve been an inclusive photo.

Well, after some pondering, laughing, and reflecting on this photo, it dawned on me that a figurative Diddy crop might be necessary in some aspects of our lives (insert current Presidential administration here). Check some examples below.

1. That Annoying Coworker

I think we’ve all had one at some point in our lives- that coworker who likes to keep drama going in the office, is entirely too nosy, or just makes comments that are often times rife with condescension or microagressions. While you can’t perform a full Diddy crop on this person, you can try to keep things at a professional level and stay out of the drama. Just because their lives feel fulfilled when they’re trying to ruin other peoples’ doesn’t mean you have to engage. Keep them at a distance.


2. Toxic Family Members

Ok, I’ve seen a lot of social media posts regarding this issue. We’ve all got that fun(crazy) uncle or aunt, but I’m talking about the family member who feels the need to try to ostracize you or lies constantly to manipulate other people in your family and/or in your life. That family member who only reaches out to you when they want or need something is definitely not the person who’s in your corner. I’m no counselor or expert on these matters, but I know that toxic behaviors in family members are warranting of that crop.


3. Abusive Relationships

I know people who have been in physically abusive relationships, and it’s easy for us to examine those relationships and say that anyone who is in one should get out. But there are so many other forms of abuse that are often overlooked. Verbally and emotionally abusive relationships are also very unhealthy and have a terrible impact on our well-being. Some situations may call for therapy, if the relationship is worth salvaging. And others may just not be worth the trouble. Crop it on out.


4. That Swine That You Know Is No Good…..

No, that’s just me? Ok, carry on. But seriously, some foods need to get that Diddy crop. One of my best friends recently decided she wants to switch to a vegan diet. I said a prayer for her, and then told her I’d send any articles or helpful tips to support her on this journey.


5. Hennessy

Is Hennessy a thing again?! Alright, so, I suppose it is, but I’m not there right now. #Diddycrop


6. Negativity

“When you let go of what doesn’t serve you, you make room for what does.” I’m still working on this, and everyday there’s a new challenge in evading anything that will steal my joy. But give yourself permission to make mistakes sometimes. You will. Everyday that you move in a more positive direction, is a good day. Diddy Crop that negativity.


Diddy captioned his cropped photo, #blackexcellence. Let’s be honest, the Jenner sisters don’t exactly embody that, especially not posing, middle fingers in the air, in the presence of all those successful black men. They didn’t fit what was in Diddy’s plans for that photo. They didn’t fit in with his vision. That’s maybe digging a little too deeply for a simple Instagram photo, but that’s okay. I think we could all take a page from the Diddy handbook of life. Disagree? Well, you know what to do….


What Are Some Things that You’ve Had To Diddy Crop Out Of Your Life?



17 thoughts on “Things That Could Use A Good “Diddy Crop”


  1. Hannah 7 years ago

    This gave me a good little giggle. I love the “Diddy Crop” things out of your life idea. I can totally relate with the coworker example. I would probably Diddy crop anxiety out of my life.

  2. Riley 7 years ago

    Love this. It blows my mind that one photo can mean so much & cause such great conversation!

  3. Caroline 7 years ago

    Love this, I’ve definitely been guilty of the diddy crop myself!

  4. Cassandra 7 years ago

    Cool. Never heard of the Diddy Crop before!

  5. Jenny 7 years ago

    This made me smile because who doesnt need a “Diddy Crop”. I would love to crop “negativity” out. :)

  6. Dominique 7 years ago

    Diddy Crop! This is hilarious! I need to Diddy Crop my life…and #4 made me bust out laughing. I’m still praying for my vegan sister! Hahaha!

  7. Anitra | The Mom On the Move 7 years ago

    The way I cackled at this list! And that photo. Obnoxious sports parents get the #DiddyCrop on my list! And you have to save bacon! ?

  8. Melissa Velazquez 7 years ago

    Diddy Crop! I love it. And it is so true. If something doesn’t fit your vision or look right for your life it’s got to go!

  9. Stacie 7 years ago

    Ha! Okay, I must be really old because I’ve never heard of Diddy Crop lol.

  10. Jay Colby 7 years ago

    Too funny post. I’m sure we all wanted to use the “Diddy Crop” at least once or twice in our lives!

  11. Ty 7 years ago

    I have had to crop out crazy exes, toxic friends and anyone who steals my peace.

  12. Jonna 7 years ago

    This Diddy crop was so epic; I can’t be mad at him. Sometimes you just gotta crop folks and you can’t be too worried about how people will feel about it.

  13. Kita 7 years ago

    You just made me do all the AMENS and I laughed so hard. Man if I could diddy crop some people out of my life right now.

  14. LaQuisha 7 years ago

    OMGOODNESS!! This was too funny to me! #DiddyCrop I do it to toxic family members all of the time!

  15. Sabrina 7 years ago

    All of these are so true! I have never heard of the “diddy crop” lol but I love it and I should probably use it more often.

  16. Nicole Williams 7 years ago

    You had me rolling at #4. I’m so with you on that one. I need to crop out all the haters.