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Episode 04 is here! Dating Advice from Two Guys (Who Shouldn’t Be Giving Dating Advice). The Two Guys (Jordan and CJ) get a pretty interesting question surrounding betrayal and cheating. Can forgiveness be in the cards for someone who betrayed your trust? Should you automatically move on when infidelity is introduced into a relationship?  Enjoy the episode and be sure to check out the Spotify playlist below.





One thought on “Dating Advice From Two Guys (Who Shouldn’t Be Giving Dating Advice): Episode 04–Betrayal & Forgiveness

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  1. Jackie 6 years ago

    LOVED this episode guys! This is such a relevant topic, as infidelity is all over the media and affects our friends and loved ones, etc. In reference to the question, I say LEAVE! In my opinion, homegirl didn’t confess because she thought it would be better for the relationship, she probably did it to ease her conscience. To me I just see selfish act, after selfish act. I know he’ll be devastated, but he deserves someone who will respect him, even when they’re drunk during homecoming weekend. BYE.