Harlem food Bar

Harlem Food Bar



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The Rundown


2100 Fredrick Douglas Blvd (Btw 113th and 114th Streets) photo(3)


Monday through Friday 4pm-7pm.

Happy Hour Deal:

2 drinks for the price of one and $6 delicious starters.

The Experience:

IMG_0380Harlem Food Bar brings a modern and hip vibe to the West Harlem bar scene. Established in May 2012, HFB has brought a current hip vibe to West Harlem with their decor, staff, menu, and bar soundtracks. Their extensive speciality cocktail menu consists of top-shelf liquors mixed with fruity and organic mixers. Their top 3 drinks are the Organic Watermelon Martini (Organic watermelon juice x ginger x vodka) , Henny SideCar (Hennessy x Grand Marnier  x Fresh lemon juice), and the Harlem Tea(Harlem x Long Iced Tea). Their food starter menu consists of appetizer dishes such as buffalo wings, homemade hummus, braised pork tacos, mac and cheese balls, empanadas and more. It can switch from a small intimate environment to a club with well groomed individuals if you stay late enough on certain days. An attractive staff attracts an attractive crowd! HFB also has a very tasty dinner and brunch menu. Visit www.hfbnyc.com to view all menus.


The Ratings     photo(4)

Pricing: 3.5/5

Food/Drinks: 4.5/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Overall: 4/5

Enjoy and be happy!

(Written by Aaron)

-The Students of Happy Hour



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