spbAs March begins and rent has been paid, all I can seem to think about is Spring Break. That’s right, SPRING BREAK. College has tainted my mind with the notion of spring break. Spring Break initiates the warm weather ratchetness. During my college years, I spent my Spring Breaks on South Beach daytime drinking and being reckless. Spring Break on South Beach was a great college social event. It was a time to meet new people in addition to reuniting with old friends who attended different schools either in line at Wet Willies or half naked “networking” on the beach. As my mind is in Spring Break mode, I am currently in the office dealing with people calling in with a complaint and whose first line to me is “I pay my taxes” (I’m sure most of us do) but I digress. Since in my mind I’m on Spring Break, I plan to be very inebriated this weekend and maybe even take a last-minute weekend getaway to the Big Apple so that it feels as though I’ve had some type of break.

Those of you whom are graduates, how do you celebrate your“spring breaks”?