The Running of the Bulls is a famous tradition, popular in Pamplona, Spain during the Sam Fermin Festival, it’s a wild run of well, running for your life away from loose bulls. It might seem a little extreme, but it’s been happening around the globe and in particular Spain for centuries. Now the excitement will hit the United States this upcoming summer for all those who are crazy enough to partake. Coined, The Great Bull Run, participants will have the chance to run with live bulls in several U.S. cities. The tour kicks off in Petersburg, Virginia on August 24th and will go to Atlanta, GA in October.

Now, if you are interested in the cultural aspect but too afraid to subject yourself to running with wild, aggressive cows (although it’s apparently safer than it sounds) then you are in luck. Following The Great Bull Run will be the Tomato Royale. Basically, a large tomato food fight modeled after La Tomatina Festival in Bunol.  Participants will get endless tomatoes, beer and encouragement to let loose in a messy endeavor of the V8 variety. It sounds pretty interesting and it’s great that now you can experience a cultural phenomenon without having to save up and travel to Europe.

Find out more information, scheduling, pricing, and more at The Great Bull Run’s Website HERE.