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As if the residents of DC don’t have it badly enough being faced with  the constant reminder that they are not recognized as a state.  Well now, there’s an app for that!

The new app, “Push for Pizza” was designed to allow you to order pizza from any location with the push of a button, but when DC residents pushed that button to order pizza in the District, they were quickly rejected with the response reading “DC is not a valid state”.

Push for Pizza dc denied


DC residents took to twitter calling the creators out on their mistake, and in an attempt to right their wrongs, the founders gave the residents an alternative to DC. Adding insult to injury, the founders then gave DC residents the option to enter Virginia as their state to order pizza in DC.


But today, Push for Pizza founders have redeemed themselves with an updated app that recognizes DC  and provides residents with the convenience of pushing a button on their phone to order one of life’s great pleasures. The app, that currently has access to over 1,000 restaurants nationwide, was created by 5 teens and one adult. According to the website, the team is comprised of Maximillian Hellerstein, Cyrus Summerlin, Graham Carling, Will Haack, Demitri Nava, and Adam Lisagor.


To Learn More About Push For Pizza Click Here 


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