Now before you read over the title and completely dismiss the article, consider this:

Each year we’re faced with the pressure to do something different. As we passed through the carousel of ¬†endless, New Years resolutions reading one self-improvement article after another in 2014, we slowly prepared ourselves for new beginnings. Convinced I had learned all that I needed from last year and was ready to embrace 2015 in all of its uncertainty, I started to have discussions with friends about how we plan to approach these next 365 days and circulate articles about how we’re supposed to be living our 20-somethings thinking that this was it. This is our time….this is our year.

But what does that mean exactly?

After being on the phone with a friend of mine discussing some of the additional things we wanted to focus on this year, like exposing ourselves to more of the mature and cultural aspects of life(because goin’ up on a Tuesday is just not cool anymore), we agreed that both of us were against the cliche New Years Resolutions. I mean, come on, after making announcements to yourself and to the world that you want to work on self-improvement, it can be somewhat of a disappointment when you set out to do something for the new year and you don’t quite hit the mark on your expectations. So screw New Years Resolutions!

This is what 26 feels like? I’m gonna say this is the “screw that” year.

This is the year for only doing things I want to do.
You want me to filter my opinions to avoid running the risk of offending you? Nope
You want me to drive an hour to east bumbles____ to hangout with you but the only time you come to my city is when you’re going out on the town? Nope
You expect this to be a one-sided friendship? Nope

When you figure out who you are, when you come to embrace your true, authentic self, you will settle for nothing less. Inadequate friendships are no longer tolerated, inconsistencies and seasonal people are just that….seasonal, never to be confused with permanent, and you focus on your priorities and goals.

So, with these next 11 months, don’t feel pressured to do a complete 180 transformation on your life. Allow yourself to grow and evolve, where you are, in your space. Define your own moment….

Happy New Year!

What do you want to do differently this year?