Thursdays are great days. The anticipation for the weekend, the work week finally slowing down and of course, #ThrowbackThursday on Instagram. It’s also a great day to get off those thoughts that have been plaguing you all week. Not thots–thoughts. Here are ours:


Seriously! I’m gearing up to enjoy a relaxing weekend and because I’m a former club-rat, my inbox is flooded with “Free B4 12″ texts. What unnerved me was that one of them was a text tying the Million-Man March anniversary celebration in DC to its party. It just rang inappropriate. But then it dawned on me–promoters always do this! If it’s not a Resurrection Sunday Kick Off, AIDS Walk Day Party, or Merry Christmas Twerkfest, it’s something else. My only question remains….why?



Baby fever is real (especially when it seems like everyone around you has already gotten started). I truly commend all of my peers who are currently raising children. From what I can see you’re all doing an excellent job and have truly grasped the concept of what it means to raise a child with morals and guidance while providing unwavering love and support.  But to the rest of us suffering from the urge to reproduce we must first ask ourselves: Am I TRULY ready to give up happy hours and bar crawls for diapers and play dates? I can firmly say that I’m not. The lifelong journey of parenthood is something that has to be taken seriously because at the end of the day, no child asked to be here and therefore it is important to provide them with the best quality of life possible as opposed to worrying about posting the cutest pictures to acquire likes on Instagram .Let us not forget, Good parenting is the difference between raising a Malia Obama and a Kylie Jenner.


What are your Thursday Thoughts?