Textually Active


We texted ALL DAY! I feel like we’re really getting to know each other.


Today we were both kind of busy at work but we definitely checked in and talked periodically.


I got a text this morning… and a few throughout the day… that’s about it… I’m sure we’ll talk again tomorrow…




Still Nothing…


I got an “Oh Hey” today… I guess whatever this is over…


We talked all day again… I guess we’re back on?

The life of a millennial is rather complex at times. Nothing ever seems to be explicitly stated or explained but rather understood through trial and error. While the inevitable feat of navigating through careers and education can be taxing, we are also met with technology not present in prior generations that can either simplify or complicate our interactions with one another. In fact, we rely so heavily on some of these newly acquired forms of communication that they can ultimately set the dynamic and tone for the friendships and relationships that we foster.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m slightly addicted to my phone. It is probably one of the most consistent relationships in my life. Upon waking up each morning, prior to getting out of bed , I immediately respond to the various messages that I’ve received in the form of text ,social media correspondence, and email. I’m slightly comforted (and disturbed) by the fact that I’m not the only person who engages in this morning ritual. I feel less guilty due to everyone else’s unhealthy and compulsive obsession. Still, I have found that text messaging has become the most convenient yet least effective form of communication. Although I appreciate the ease of conveying a message in the form of a simple text, I also acknowledge how easily words can get lost in translation and allow room for misinterpretation. Sadly, we live in a generation in which the basis of our engagement has become limited to interacting with each other’s inboxes. This becomes especially problematic when attempting to truly get to know a person. It is even more of an issue when it becomes the basis of dating; one of our generation’s most cruel and torturous pastimes. That may be a bit dramatic, but let’s face it, texting has become a new form of dating in which all of the answers to the questions that we have about someone are right at the tips of our thumbs… or so we may believe. Despite my infatuation and love for my phone, there are certain situations (such as TRULY getting to know someone) in which I don’t feel that it should be the object of my affection.

 In the past, I’ve fallen victim to becoming involved in what I like to call “Textationships”. Investing my time in sending message after message while developing feelings over words backed by no actions. At this point, if I decide that I want a pen pal, I’ll sign up for one of the various online pen pal services that I’m sure I can access with the use of Google. If you’re not able to make the leap from my inbox to actual direct contact then despite how quickly or frequently you reply, all you’ve actually told me is that you’re not genuinely interested in anything more because that simply isn’t  solely a suitable form of communication in my book. While some people may feel as though they are easily able to tap into the depths of someone’s personality through an extensive text conversation, I feel as though it leaves room for false pretenses and misunderstanding. Without genuine human interaction, we miss out on integral communicative nuances such as body language, tone, inflection and facial expression which ultimately help when conveying and receiving messages. The lack of tangible emotion makes it difficult for me to believe that we share a legitimate connection and ultimately leaves me questioning our entire interaction.

 The moral of the story? Texting is a viable form of communication but it is important that it doesn’t become the entirety of it. Don’t neglect the need for face-to-face interaction but rather place emphasis on spending quality time getting to know those you actually want to be involved with. After all, if something of substance and value begins to form, conversations based solely in text won’t solidify it. Nobody wants their first kiss in the form of an emoji.

Do you believe that simply texting is enough?



One thought on “Textually Active.


  1. Niqo Paine 8 years ago

    This is interesting. Maybe I come from a perspective a bit less myopic* than this but I chime with the potential of human to be capable of delving deeper into conversation to obtain understanding. Yes, it’s easy to misinterpret but just like the choice of engaging in sex with the individual, does it not leave room for judgement? Millennialist tech gives the next multiple engagement opportunities that succeed being limited to text. If one truly wanted to establish that feeling of closeness, he/she would use these exterior options or arrange a face-to-face.

    So, my comment is, this is the modern form of hooking up!