By now, we are sure you’ve heard Rihanna‘s highly anticipated 8th studio album. The appropriately titled Anti finds the singer rebelling against nearly every notion that has made her past albums so successful. Abandoning being merely a collection of hit singles, Anti showcases a rare glimpse into RiRi’s evolving artistry and is an impressively cohesive journey. But, this isn’t a review. We simply want to enjoy the album and bring you our favorite lines from each of the album’s impressive songs.

1. Consideration (ft. SZA)

Let me cover your shit in glitter, I can make it gold, gold. Heard you’re tryna sell your soul, baby but I’m not sure, you’re running low lately.”

2. James Joint

They know about your history. How you live and love like ‘fuck rules.’ Don’t care why, just know I love you.”

3. Kiss It Better

Go on and make it right, make it all night long. Man, fuck your pride, just take it on back, boy take it on back boy, take it back all night.”


4. Work (ft. Drake)

I believe all of your dreams, adoration. You took my heart and my keys and my patience. You took my heart on my sleeve for decoration.”

5. Desperado

There ain’t nothing for me anymore, but I don’t want to be alone.”

6. Woo (ft. Travi$ Scott)

I bet she could never make you cry, cause the scars on your heart are still mine.”

7. Needed Me

Tryna fix your inner issue with a bad bitch. Didn’t they tell you I was a savage? Fuck your white horse and a carriage.”


8. Yeah, I Said It

I want you to homicide it. Going slow and I want you to pop it..and I think I kinda like ya. Up against the wall, we don’t need a title.”

9. Same Ol’ Mistake

But maybe this story ain’t so different from the rest. And I know it seems wrong to accept, but you’ve got your demons and she’s got her regrets.”

10.  Never Ending

Slipped into a peril that I’ll never understand. This feeling always gets away, wishing I could hold on longer. It doesn’t have to feel so strange to be in love again.”


11. Love on The Brain

Oh, and baby I’m fist fighting with fire just to get close to you. Can we burn something babe? And I run for mile to get a taste, must be love o the brain.”

12. Higher

And I know I could be more creative and come up with poetic lines, but I’m turn of sizz’ and ‘I love you’ is the only thing that’s in my mind.”

13. Close to You

No you don’t need my protection, but I’m in love–can’t blame me for checking. I love in your direction, hoping that the message goes somewhere close to you.”

Be sure to listen to Rihanna’s Anti on Tidal Here.

The deluxe edition is releasing soon with three additional songs including the irresistible “Sex With Me”

What’s your favorite song on Anti?