Each month requires a different set of essentials for survival. With May being our first taste of what summer might offer, here are my must haves for the next 31 days:

  • Reservations to a great tequila spot for Cinco De Mayo
  • A pair of new swim trunks from NIKBEN
  • This song
  • A healthy binge watch of Netflix’s new series Dear White People
  • A cute Mother’s Day gift, like these beauty ideas over at
  • A ticket out of town for Memorial Day Weekend (in my case, a boys’ trip to Miami)
  • White wine, like a Clambake Chardonnay from our good friends at Ripe Life Wines
  • Prayer and emotional support for all those apartment hunting during the summer months
  • A collection plate/GoFundMe page to afford Beyoncé’s “How to Make Lemonade” Boxset because, really, $300?

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 6.02.04 PM





14 thoughts on “May Essentials


  1. Chelsea 7 years ago

    The photo of the lemon tree is gorgeous! Makes me want to move to the south so I can plant my own.

  2. Kemkem 7 years ago

    Love the first point. I miss my American margaritas! $300 is robbery ;-). I must be out of touch. How can regular people afford that?

  3. Crystal Lewis 7 years ago

    I still need to watch Dear White People! It’s on my to do list. And that lemon tree wants me to drink some lemonade (spiked)!

  4. Evelyn Reese 7 years ago

    The lemon is beautiful and I love all of your points for May essentials in getting ready for summer.

  5. Jay Colby 7 years ago

    I still need to watch Dear White People as well I heard it’s so good. Great pictures of fresh lemons.

  6. Tanya Barnett 7 years ago

    I enjoyed your list. This is a great idea too. I will see if my teens want to do a list.

  7. ShaBree 7 years ago

    Lol at the collection plate for B’s box set. I’ll be sending Iona prayer for the apartment hunters. Been there done that.

  8. Adeola Naomi 7 years ago

    The images are stunning and I need a fresh lemon now!

  9. Kita 7 years ago

    Love your essentials. I need a reservation for a weekend away for sure.

  10. Stacie 7 years ago

    I can’t believe we’re already talking about May! I’m excited about Mother’s Day though.

  11. Kiwi 7 years ago

    Yeah that Lemonade Box set is $300 girllllll….
    Also I need to get on the Dear White People watch list…got to make time.

  12. Lauren 7 years ago

    Lol I’m cracking up at this one “Prayer and emotional support for all those apartment hunting during the summer months”. I also want to check out Dear White People. You should check out Checking Gum on Netflix too.