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After an unexpected fourth interview for a position that I didn’t feel required such a strenuous process, I was told to wait patiently for a decision. My eyes began to wander to every available space I could until they locked on my interviewer discussing my qualifications once again amongst his peers. After what felt like one of those unnecessary breaks between new episodes of Scandal, my interviewer came back all smiles, “Congratulations!” Wait, had I done it? Did I really just get a source of income in New York after only two weeks of searching? This had to be too good to be true….and maybe it was.

Let’s backtrack.

Hi, I’m CJ–the artistic, free spirited dweller in all aspects of art and media. I’m the wide-eyed Southern boy who once ventured off to Washington, D.C. for my education at Howard University and six years later have abruptly decided to pack up shop and head to NYC to explore my dreams of production and writing. This is THE MOVE: AN ENDLESS RHYTHM and here is my story…

The Interview

photoMy funds were dwindling and I wasn’t getting any immediate snatches on my tireless job hunt within my field (the reason I moved up to New York). As mentioned in the first installment of this series (here), my serving job didn’t transfer and it looked like I was on a fast track to performing in random subway trains for a meal at McDonald’s. I decided to swallow my pride and also search for serving jobs. Little did I know that finding a serving job required just as much as any salary position in the city. I guess since there is a lot of money to be made, restaurants take serving extremely serious. All of sudden, even my four years of experience seemed like it wasn’t enough. So of course I was surprised to find myself waiting in the room for an interview for a premiere steakhouse.

What are you doing CJ? I kept having an internal battle with myself and an outward one with my best friends via text as I waited. No matter how exclusive the restaurant, I really didn’t want this. What if I actually get it and then I land a film shoot or production job? The restaurant wanted a serious commitment and offered a lot of money, but I definitely didn’t uproot my life in D.C. to be a waiter. I checked my bank account while waiting too. Shut up! Get this money for now until what you want comes your way. So I listened to myself and put my best foot forward.

A week later, after three initial interviews, a call back and a surprise fourth interview, I got the position. INCOME! So naturally after hearing the news and my close friend Aisha (who has graciously been letting me crash at her place) securing a great new job herself, the weekend caused for celebration. And celebrate we did!

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The celebration continued well into the next week just as I was ready to begin my new job, then I got a call. A little hazy as I was awaken at nearly 8:30AM, it was my new job informing me that they pushed back my start date for another two weeks. Great, I will be knee deep in poverty by then. Frustrated, I ran to my computer and resumed my fervorous search for substantial employment.


After a while of patience and some mismanaged budgeting, I decide to just stick it out until my position started. A few days before my new start date arrived, I received a call from an unknown number. I usually ignore all calls with unfamiliar numbers, especially those with “No Caller ID” flashing on my screen, but something told me to answer this one. “Hey, Charles? I was just going over your resume and see that you have a lot of experience in production! How’s New York been treating you? I’d like you to come in tomorrow.”

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We’re so busy watching out for what’s just ahead of us that we don’t take time to enjoy where we are.”

-Bill Watterson

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