Music infiltrates our lives in so many ways. Whether through celebration, motivation, or even just reflection, it’s always there to provide a soundtrack to our daily lives. Connecting lyrics to the many relevant facets of life can often cause you to feel as though a song was written specifically for you. I believe it’s safe to say that we all took a collective sigh the first time we heard SZA question “why you bother me when you know you don’t want me?” because it was a sentiment we could easily relate to and apply to varying situations that we’ve encountered in our lives. Here are a few other songs with lyrics that may leave you feeling triggered just the same:

Think About Me x DVSN

Song Synopsis: A complicated situation involving two people who can never seem to fully shake each other. The song acknowledges that the two can never simply be platonic because they’ve never had a clean break and they have too much sexual chemistry and thus they remain on each other’s minds.

Triggering Lyric:

Don’t Think that we could ever be friends again,

’cause our history seems like it never ends


Eventually x Tame Impala

Song Synopsis: Acknowledging that you have to be the one to end a relationship knowing that you are going to hurt someone you care about in the process. Ultimately, you’ll both be happier in the long run… eventually.

Triggering Lyric:

Wish I could turn you back into a stranger

’cause if I was never in your life

you wouldn’t have to change it…


No Goodbyes x Dua Lipa

Song Synopsis: A relationship has run its course but it’s easier to comfort each other and pretend that it really isn’t over.

Triggering Lyric:

Why don’t we hold each other, use each other

whisper pretty lies just for tonight

let’s love like there’s no goodbyes…


You Are Here x Jhene Aiko

Song Synopsis: Entering a new dating situation/potential relationship but you’ve already been through so much. You’re hopeful that the person is truly who they say that they are because you can’t handle another emotional setback.

Triggering Lyric:

Don’t play with my love, messing with my heart

That’s gonna be tough for you to pull off

Gave me a new start, taking it too far

It’s gonna be hard if you really aren’t

Who you say that you are…



20Something x Sza

Song Synopsis: Realizing that your twenties are coming to an end and you’re not quite where you expected to be in life. The song acknowledges how rapidly our twenties pass us by and truly reflects on how we may not have accomplished all that we wanted to professionally, romantically, and even mentally.

Triggering Lyric:

Honestly the entire song but…

Hopin’ my 20somethings won’t end,

Hopin’ to keep rest of my friends

Prayin’ the 20 somethings don’t kill me…

What are some songs that have lyrics that trigger you?



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