Love. Life. Song.

Lessons From Happy Hour Presents: Love. Life. Summer. Mixtape

Summer lovin’, happened so fast… As temperatures rise, people begin to limit their amount of clothing, daylight lasts longer but the nights seem more memorable,the essence of summer has fully...

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Round 2

Lessons From Happy Hour Presents: Round 2 Mixtape

Throughout every facet of  life, music can be used to evoke or create a certain vibe. Intimate moments in life are no different. With the release of Round 2 music...

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Jhene Aiko Bed peace

New Vid: Jhené Aiko “Bed Peace” Feat. Childish Gambino + “Sail Out” EP Tracklisting

With the release of the visuals for “Bed Peace”, Jhené Aiko (accompanied by Childish Gambino) recreates the famous “Bed-In” protests from John Lennon and Yoko Ono which lasted for two weeks in Montreal...

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